The Parish - St. Pauls


Knowledge of the early history of the Anglican Church in Seaton Sluice is somewhat sketchy. It was part of the Parish of Earsdon until 1891, when the Parish of Delaval was formed. The vicar of Earsdon, the Rev. Edward Greenlaw founded a mission church, St. Paulís, at Seaton Sluice in 1886 in the front part of the former village brewery. The United Methodists had been occupying the rear part since the 1850ís, and the building is believed to have been unique at the time, having two denominations under the same roof. The bell, which served both congregations, was the old one from the glass factory.

The village hall, built in 1903 to commemorate Dr John Ochiltree for his kindness and good work as a family physician, was converted into the present church of St. Paul, and consecrated in 1961. The old building was demolished in 1962.