The Parish - St. Michael's


The present church of St. Michael was built in 1900. Prior to that date there had been a Mission church for many years in a building known as the Gymnasium, situated at the end of cross row, which served as a church on Sundays and as a social meeting place during the week.

Before the formation of the parish of Delaval , New Hartley was part of the Parish of Earsdon, hence that is why the men and boys killed in the Hartley pit disaster were buried in Earsdon churchyard.

However, the old building was by the end of the 19th century, becoming more dilapidated and so in 1897 thoughts began to turn towards the idea of a new church. The new St. Michael’s was dedicated by the Bishop of Newcastle on Tuesday 18th December 1900.

In 1963 the church was modernised by plastering and painting the walls, and the introduction of some more ‘modern’ pieces of furniture.. Furthermore in 1991 it was decided to extend the church premises to include a hall, kitchen and toilets, and the old gas fired heating system was replaced by electric heaters. In 2000 the church embarked on a millennium project of removing the pews and replacing them with chairs, and a general reordering, so that today it is a warm, flexible building where people of all ages can find a spiritual home.

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